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NorthStack® is managed application hosting built on a modern serverless AWS stack. Deploy vanilla or headless WordPress, Node, or static sites with ease. CPU, DB, Data Transfer, and Disk are independently metered and elastically autoscale.

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NorthStack is a new application platform currently best suited for developers and technically savvy users.
Pricing is metered and consumption driven with paid support options.


Use our pre-packaged docker containers to easily create and package your application.

Build Deploy

Specify build scripts (webpack, grunt) and healthchecks to run during atomic deployments.


Elastic Autoscaling means you always have the power you need and only pay for what you use.

Managed Serverless HostingSet your Applications free

It's not shared. It's not VPS. It is Serverless.

NorthStack is...Dope AF.

A managed website hosting platform...

Pagely has leveraged our 9 years of managed hosting expertise to create a new containerized (Docker) hosting platform to provide an elasticly scalable solution for your dynamic or static website.

...featuring serverless infrastructure...

We deconstructed the traditional hosting plan to free customers from worrying about plan limits or servers. All hosting resources, in addition to Aurora Serverless by AWS, can be thought of as streams in which your site simply plugs into and you only pay for what you use. host popular applications.

Popular, but aging applications like WordPress would need an entire rewrite to take advantage of a true serverless platform. NorthStack offers many of the benefits of serverless infrastructure without the application code refactor.


Leverage React (Jekyll/Gatsby) or Vue and create a Headless WordPress site with our customizable site profiles. Or, drop WordPress all together and deploy a Node.js or static html site.


No plans that lock you into paying for things you don't need, or arbitrary caps that force you into a higher plan. Deploy 1, or 1000 sites, of any size, and you only pay for what you use. Don't need managed Support or DevOps? Cool, you be you cowboy.


This means you get the privacy and dedicated resource streams of a VPS, without the limits and caps. Compute, Storage, Database, etc. are individually metered streams that elasticly autoscale.

We'll be ready soon.


I'm really impressed by the ground-breaking concepts that have gone into the NorthStack system. Performance Foundry's excited to be an alpha tester, and looking forward to being an early adopter.

HighlightsAll the boxes checked

Elastic AutoScaling
100% AWS Stack
Flexible Version Control
SSL/Let's Encrypt
Automated S3 Backups
HTTP/2 + PHP7.X + Node8.x
WP_CLI/DB Access
Managed Plugin/Core Updates
Managed Support*
Managed DevOps*

* Optional Benefits

NorthStack Serverless- In Beta -

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