Announcing NorthStack Serverless

We’re proud to announce a new concept in WordPress hosting:
NorthStack™ Serverless Hosting.

NorthStack elastically autoscales WordPress, Node, and static sites in a serverless hosting environment. WordPress users can now build and delpoy dynamic, interactive websites on a scalable, pay-as-you-go platform:

Press Release

  • Pagely Announces NorthStack, the World’s First Truly Serverless WordPress Environment
  • Disrupts WordPress Application Hosting With Instant Scaling, Unlimited Sites and Pay-As-You-Use Pricing
  • AWS-Based Environment Provides Boundless Scaling with No Plans or Start-up Fees
  • Full, Interactive Serverless Feature Set for Dynamic Sites
  • Liberates WordPress Users from the Burden of the Webhost

TUCSON, Ariz. — October 16, 2018 — Pagely, the flexible managed hosting service for business-critical WordPress projects, today announced NorthStack™, its new managed serverless application platform built on the AWS stack. In an unprecedented first, WordPress users can now build and run dynamic, interactive websites with plugins in a serverless, pay-as-you-go environment.

NorthStack is available immediately in early beta on a limited basis. General availability of NorthStack will be announced in the first quarter of 2019.

“Traditional hosting plans stick users with a lose-lose proposition,” said Pagely CEO Joshua Strebel. “If demand is high, performance suffers. If demand is low, the hosting company pockets the extra. NorthStack frees clients to pay only for what they use in regards to compute resources, database, bandwidth, storage, and all other essential elements of a successful WordPress site. For the first time, WordPress users are free to chose their overhead, instead of being beholden to the whims of the host.”

Dynamic, Serverless and Elasticity Scalable

NorthStack features boundless scalability with no plan change, restart or customer intervention required. Instead of relegating the serverless environment to static WordPress sites, a common trade-off for automated scaling, NorthStack retains all of the dynamic features that make WordPress such an effective site platform. Users can see their resource consumption via real-time usage metrics and decide for themselves whether to serve the site more slowly and pay less, or serve it faster and pay more. Additional features include:

  • The ability to deploy WordPress, Headless WordPress with React/Vue front-ends, or static sites with ease.
  • Independently metered CPU, database, storage and data transfer
  • High availability [HA] with a multi-availability zone, globally distributed network routing and best practice “Blue-Green” deployment process
  • Clients will be able to decide on the maximum number of PHP workers to control their spend
  • Many of the existing benefits of Pagely’s full-service VPS offering

Pagely is a safe, full-featured hosting environment backed by decades of expertise. An entire hosting tech stack built and monitored by one of the industry’s most experienced WordPress teams, NorthStack will live alongside Pagely’s full-service VPS offerings.

“NorthStack removes some of WordPress’s biggest obstacles,” said Pagely CTO Joshua Eichorn. “Security-wise NorthStack has the privacy of a VPS without the wasted spend of over-provisioning and having to spin up your own instances of AWS. It truly is the north star of the future of WordPress.”

For more information, or to apply for early access to the platform, please visit

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  1. Ahmad Awais
    Ahmad Awais

    NorthStack looks super rad. I am waiting on the beta list.

    As a full-time open source dev, I have spent 12 years with WordPress and for the last five years, whatever I build it ends up more JavaScript than PHP. Sometimes both, and there aren’t many good solutions to host a combination of both stacks.

    I am also a huge advocate for Serverless, after deploying it on enterprise-scale — my clients have seen a huge amount of benefit in this no-ops setup.

    This is exactly what I have been asking a number of hosts to build for a little over two years. A hosting company (especially with managed support) for both PHP and Node.js stacks. Having JAMstack would be a lot more fun too. I think you folks are going places with this new platform.

    Looking forward to trying it out.
    Peace! ✌️