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What is a NorthStack developer advocate?

A NorthStack Developer Advocate (NSDA) is a person that represents NorthStack in an unofficial, but endorsed, capacity and acts as a conduit between NorthStack and the various developer communities we aim to serve. These individuals have an understanding of our product, our service philosophy, and the benefits our platform provides.

A NorthStack Developer Advocate may host meetups, attend various events, present or speak at events, or engage online with developer communities by evangelizing and promoting NorthStack in a low-key constructive way. First and foremost they should always be adding value to their respective developer communities. When the context is appropriate they then may evangelize for our service.

Other common ways to describe someone in this capacity is: Developer Relations, Developer Evangelist, Community Advocate, Community Partner, etc.

How we support Developer Advocates

Approved Developer Advocates are eligible for various perks:

  • Direct communication with our engineering team to relay feedback and feature requests from the community.
  • NorthStack financial sponsorship for hosting Meetups and Events
  • NorthStack financial sponsorship for travel/attending/speaking at relevant events
  • All the best NorthStack swag for personal use and/or giveaways
  • Free Usage credits on NorthStack for hosting their own apps


We are looking for smart, passionate, and friendly developer advocates in the following developer communities: WordPress, Node.js, Laravel, and the wider PHP and Javascript communities.

serverless wordpress
nodejs hosting
laravel serverless

Are You Interested in participating?

Take a moment to give us some information and our product marketing team will be in touch.