Pre-Sales Questions and Answers

Last Updated October 19, 2018


Is NorthStack just a Static-Site generator?

No. NorthStack is dynamic, interactive, and feature-rich WordPress just like you are used to. You may deploy a static site though, entirely up to you.

Is this still Managed WordPress?

Yes. We actively manage the stack so you don’t have to – performing nightly backups, WordPress core and plugin upgrades, and providing server level caching, CDN, and security rules. The way you manage plugins and themes is different though. Refer to the Walkthrough or Quick Start for more info.

Is there a monthly $ minimum?

No set minimum. However there mere fact your website is available to the internet – it will get some traffic and bot crawling that will incur some amount of usage. We do take measures to throttle/block over crawling on development/staging sites.

How will I be billed/invoiced?

At the end of your monthly billing period, all usage will be tabulated and invoiced. Example: You sign up on the 5th, your invoice will post on or near the 5th of the following month and your credit card will be charged. Note: if your consumption tends higher – you will be invoiced in $500 increments as usage occurs and a settlement invoice at the end of your normal billing cycle. happens first.

May I pre-pay?

Yes. This feature will be made available via your console in the future.

May I try before I buy?

Yes. See the current new customer promotion.


Is Support included?

Yes, Basic Support. Support plans beyond Basic are available as separate agreements delineated by number of support seats, depth of support requested, and other factors such as following the default or a custom runbook.

What is a Support Runbook?

In the context of NorthStack a Runbook contains procedures to support your application. It may also describe procedures for handling special requests and contingencies. In practical use – the support Runbook outlines issues classified into 4 categories: Answer, Consult, Investigate, Remediate. The depth and type of support for each category varies by support plan you subscribe to. Runbook procedures are very clearly defined such as: If this happens, we do that.


How do I deploy a new site/application to NorthStack?

Please follow the Quick Starts and follow the published documentation.

Where will my site be hosted?

All NorthStack sites are currently served from the AWS US-East-1 region. We will be expanding to EU soon.

Is there SFTP access?

No. Everything is done via a deploy. You repackage your assets locally and then deploy a new release.

Can I SSH or use WP_CLI?

Sort of: There is SSH like console access and you can run common WP_CLI commands. More details soon.