Quick Start

Last Updated February 26, 2019

Quick Start Guide

Getting started on NorthStack takes five simple steps, but Please note…

1. Using the Northstack Client requires access, and some knowledge of bash.
2. You’ll also need sudo access during the installation process.
3. The latest stable version of Docker

Install the client

To install your Northstack client open the OSX Terminal. This can be found by clicking on…

Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal

Once Terminal is open, you’re ready to install the Northstack client in a directory of your choosing.
The client runs in docker, so that takes care of the majority of the work.

Step 1:

Clone the git repository

git clone https://github.com/northstack/northstack-client.git

Step 2:

Change your directory into the northstack folder running the following command…

cd northstack

Step 4: 

run the installation script…


Step 5: 

test the Northstack command…


Sign up

Step 1:

within your NorthStack install directory type…

northstack signup

Step 2:

at this point, the following information will be requested…

Organization Name:                                                              

Username (usually email address):                                                     


Owner First Name:                                                                                   

Owner Last Name:                                                                                 

Owner Email:                                                                  

We use phone verification via text message.                                                              

Owner Mobile Phone Number Country Code (1 for US): [1]1                                                

Owner Mobile Phone Number (For Verification):


type the following command (you can choose to postfix your email address, or hit enter and be prompted to enter it)…

northstack login

Create an Application

type northstack app:create folowed by the project name, and then the primary domain name your app will eventually utilize, for example…

northstack app:create “PagelyExample” “pagelyexample.com”


When you’re ready to deploy and see how your app looks like from a browser, you have three environments you can automatically deploy. Test, Dev, and Production. Here’s an example of deploying a dev site…

northstack app:deploy PagelyExample dev