Application Hosting for Node.js Managed – Serverless – Scalable

Managed Serverless Node.js Hosting

Step into the future

Managed, flexible hosting for your app. Let NorthStack handle all server concerns so you can focus on what you do best — building dynamic apps.

Stay focused on your code

With NorthStack managed serverless application hosting there are no servers to provision, no security patches to worry about, and no plan limits or server constraints.

Ship it — faster and easier than ever

You’ll be able to launch your apps faster using the same “build, deploy, run” workflow you’re already familiar with. And, you’ll have powerful developer tools available to help you manage and monitor your app’s performance.

Scale automatically & without limits

NorthStack is built on top of a modern AWS hosting stack including Aurora Serverless. Server resources scale independently to ensure your app always has the resources it needs, no matter how popular it becomes.

Launching Q1 – Get $50 in free usage credits.

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