Serverless Static Website Hosting Managed – Scalable – Secure

Serverless Static site hosting

Reach Ludicrous Speeds

Is there such as thing as “fast enough”? We don’t think so.

NorthStack takes you static site and delivers it to the world faster than you could have ever imagined. Speed limits are for highways, not hosting.

Infinitely Scalable

Serverless means that you’ll never have to worry about scaling your site up or down when your traffic changes.

Launching a new startup? Running a big Black Friday sale? Getting an onslaught of traffic from hitting the front page of Reddit? No problem.

Each and every request is handled elegantly to ensure that you can focus on your code, not that server that’s hosting it.

Pay Only For What You Use

When you host your static site on NorthStack, you’ll only pay for the resources that you’re actually using.

Monthly billing is so 2018. Welcome to the future.

Ultimate Protection from the Bad Guys

Static sites may be secure by design, but that still doesn’t protect your server from the onslaught of attacks that are being developed every day.

By choosing NorthStack to host your static site, you’ll have confidence that our team of security professionals are watching your back every step of the way.

Jekyll, Gatsby, and Beyond!

Static site generators are a great way to update and add new content without repeating yourself, but they come with the need for extra build steps.

Whenever you deploy an update to your code, NorthStack will automatically use your static site generator, such as Jekyll or Gatsby, to rebuild your assets and push them to the environment of your choice. All without creating a single build script.

Coupled with source control integrations like GitHub, full static site deployments are just a commit message away!

Check out how we ported the default WordPress theme to Gatsby.

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Static Serveless Jekyll on NorthStack

NorthStack and Gatsby

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