Serverless Managed WordPress Hosting True Serverless WordPress hosting, without compromise.

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Near Unlimited Scalability

With NorthStack, your WordPress site will always have the resources it needs to run flawlessly. Memory, bandwidth, and compute cycles are served up on a silver platter, on demand. Your website will never outgrow NorthStack and no amount of traffic will bring it to its knees.

Dynamic Serverless Hosting

Some hosting solutions claim to be “Serverless,” but limit you to serving a static version of your site. This defeats the purpose of using a dynamic, powerful CMS like WordPress. With NorthStack, your site maintains all the dynamic and interactive features that make WordPress great.

WordPress on Steroids

Our innovative serverless architecture runs on AWS — the established leader in cloud computing. All our expertise and optimizations from 10 years of specializing in high-demand WordPress hosting are baked into NorthStack. It’s the optimum environment for any WordPress site — big or small.

NorthStack and Gatsby

Find out how to port a WordPress theme to Gatsby. Combine the power of WP and the speed of Gatsby.

Pay as you go

No contracts, no fees for what you don’t use. All billing is metered on resource consumption so you only pay for what you use.

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